Artikelen door Claartje van Sijl

Apollo’s advice for PhD’s reflecting on their career

The number of PhD candidates increases whereas career possibilities within universities decrease (cf. Nature 2011 on “The PhD Factory“). Still, most PhD candidates have a strongly research oriented perspective on their career after obtaining their PhD, especially in the social sciences and humanities the primary focus is on a future in academia. How can doctorate holders develop a more […]

On courage

Aristotle famously stated what boils down to “virtue lies in the middle”. The classic explanation of this claim is that courage is not just the opposite of cowardice, but that it is equally opposed to hubris, conceited, reckless overconfidence. As such, courage holds the middle ground between cowardice and hubris. After Aristotle, for over 2000 […]

Consciously choosing harmony

These days I have the opportunity to learn more deeply about my principle, my intention to live life in happy, peaceful, joyful harmony. It is so easy to trust in good outcomes if nothing goes wrong, so easy to feel balanced and harmonious if there’s nothing that shakes your ground, so easy to be happy […]

Motherhood and academia?

Stuff like this gets me thinking.LNVH grafiek m:v academici Can we just ascribe this divergence to the basic biology of motherhood? I’m certain there is more to it. Especially at UD/UHD levels universities are getting more active in supporting women advance their careers, e.g. through various mentoring programs and personal skills coaching.