Consciously choosing harmony

These days I have the opportunity to learn more deeply about my principle, my intention to live life in happy, peaceful, joyful harmony. It is so easy to trust in good outcomes if nothing goes wrong, so easy to feel balanced and harmonious if there’s nothing that shakes your ground, so easy to be happy when life laughs at you (even if I sometimes forget to value it when I’m absorbed in my day to day  activities).

But what do you do when this naivety shatters by a quick spoken word from an expert that confronts you with obstacles on your easy road? A word that presents you first with insecurity and fear, then, if you let it, with anger and guilt, and finally with a deep sadness? What do you do when you’re confronted with the fragility of life in one the most immediate ways you can think of?

Suddenly the choice to live by the above principle is not so self-evident and straightforward. It requires conscious effort, a constant fine-tuning and checking of thoughts and feelings that run rampant. It takes courage to accept what happens, to take responsibility for your chosen course of action, especially if you (appear to) dissent from the mainstream. It takes courage to accept, deeply and wholeheartedly, whatever life may throw at you. It takes courage to be reconciled and at peace with the limits of human understanding of life and death.

I want to take on this endeavor to stay true to my principle of life, to keep my peace of mind and heart. Right now I’m determined not to let worry, fear, and sorrow shut down the connection between my body, heart, and soul. Keep loving seems to be the key. Love life, love the dear people around me, love myself. Love it all for all that it is, for all that I am. I’m grateful for it.

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