Employability for PhD students

This masterclass offers final stage PhD students directions and a toolbox to finish their Phd and take on their post-PhD career with focus. It is an in company training consisting of 3 three-hour sessions with mini-lectures and practical training directly applied to participant work, including preparation and homework assignments.

Session by session

1) Finish and look forward: post PhD career perspectives

  • how to finish your project successfully while looking ahead: actions to take and pitfalls to avoid
  • facts & figures about careers of academics

2) Explore your competences

  • identify and convincingly demonstrate your transferable skills, personal & professional qualities
  • what is your career capital and what is your career identity?

3) Enter the job market

  • what to expect on the Dutch job market: from CV & application letter to job interview & assessment
  • expand your network and present yourself effectively with a professional elevator pitch

4) Optional: Meet your role models

  • The training can be expanded with an optional session Meet Your Role Models, depending on the possibilities within your organization. This session consists of short presentations and a moderated panel Q&A with alumni from the organization who continued their careers outside the university. The organization traces and invites alumni for this session, which is moderated by Claartje van Sijl. Additional costs apply.

Practical information

Hours3 (optionally 4) sessions of 3 hours
Homework10 hours
Number of participants6 – 12 participants
LanguageDutch or English


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