PhD Career Intervention

Beat the PhD blues and find your path to success.

You are not the only one who experiences a dip in motivation and self-confidence somewhere along the process. This is actually very common for PhD candidates. In fact, you might have even seen it coming, but it can still be hard to actually deal with. You are unsure about pursuing your career within academia, the one image of success you have held on to so far. You end up doubting your entire PhD, but are too scared to quit. What if you regret it later? 

I felt lost and needed someone who could help me find my way again.
The PhD Career Intervention provided me with tools to listen to myself and acknowledge my feelings.

The PhD Career Intervention provides you with personal guidance from a professional and compassionate sparring partner. I ask open, non-directive, stimulating questions and give feedback that engages your head and your heart. 

You will reconnect to your sources of inspiration and discover how to use these as navigator  through your PhD. The necessary next steps will subsequently appear. The PhD Career Intervention increases your confidence and enthusiasm and allows you to work more purposefully and effectively.


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