How to survive your PhD

This masterclass provides starting PhD students with an approach, procedures and tools for making an effective start with their PhD project in order to prevent problems and delays later on. A key element is the further operationalization, discussion and presentation of the PhD proposal.

The masterclass covers the basics of what you need to make a good start with your PhD project and consists of mini-lectures combined with practical training directly applied to participant work.  It is offered as in company training in 4 sessions of 3 hours each over a period of 4 months.

Session by session

1) A good start: getting to know the way

  •  welcome to the new PhD students from the graduate school / research school
    • organizational and practical information to help you find your way and place at the university
    • expectations of the PhD candidates and supervisors: rights and obligations, different types of PhD in the Dutch system, monitoring, evaluations & supervision PhD candidates, go/no-go decisions, etc.
  • know your peers and the projects you are involved with: present your (preliminary) research proposal
  • round table discussion about the nature of doing a PhD

2) Project management

  • overview of the stages of a PhD project & work plan & planning
  • develop your own project plan in relation to this: project management
  • develop your research proposal & prepare your training and education plan

3) Working effectively

  • time management
  • work – life balance
  • evaluate, refine and adjust work plan according to progress of the project

4) Qualities & motivation

  • motivation and professional development
  • be aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  • know your own goals & inspiration in your project
  • communicate successfully with your supervisor and other faculty and support staff
  • effectively receive and provide feedback

Practical information

Hours4 x 3 hours training
Homework12 hours
LanguagesDutch or English


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