Inspiring process support for academics.

From a professional trainer who knows the academic environment from the inside.

With special focus on mental wellbeing, personal leadership, and sustainable employability.

Below you find an overview of trainings and workshops for groups. If you are looking for individual coaching, please go to my services for academics.

Training Work Smarter, Stress Less

In this evidence based course PhD’s and Postdocs learn how to better maintain their work/life balance and take care of their mental wellbeing. They gain important insights in personal stress factors and learn to adapt their way of working to deal more effectively with stress and work pressure. This is a personal development course that aims to reduce experiences of stress and improve mental well-being, thereby strengthening resilience, performance and satisfaction with work.

Training or Working Soft in Science

This is a hybrid training course combining online learning with offline live trainings, and group learning with personal coaching. This makes it ideal for groups with little opportunity for extensive, iterated live meetings. The course has proven effective against self sabotage and avoidance strategies. Participants regain grip on their time and energy. 

Training Personal Leadership

Effective leadership in working relations is an important element for success in every research career.

This training is designed to help academics interact with confidence and good judgement with their supervisors / supervisees and other working relations within and without the academic environment.

Masterclass How to survive your PhD

This master class provides starting PhD students with an approach, procedures and tools for making an effective start with their PhD project in order to prevent problems and delays later on. A key element of the course is the further operationalization, discussion and presentation of the PhD proposal with other PhD students and supervisors.

Workshop Sustainable Employability for PhDs

This masterclass offers final stage PhD students directions and a toolbox to finish their Phd and take on their post-PhD career with focus. It covers post-PhD career perspectives, investigates the career capital and career identity of soon-to-be PhD’s, and introduces the basics of the Dutch job market and job application processes.

Customized Workshops and Trainings

You can contact me if you have a specific request or would like to discuss possibilities for customized workshops and trainings. Examples of custom workshops that I have delivered include:

  • Personal Brand, Professional Mission
  • Facilitating Peer Feedback on NWO Grant Applications
  • Time management for early career researchers