Are you enjoying your postdoc project but feeling puzzled with your position as independent researcher? How to take up leadership of your own research line? How to balance your increasing teaching load? You love research, but worry about the uncertainty of your academic future. Does this impact your performance? How to develop a flexible professional profile? How to negotiate postdoc life with demands and wishes from your private life?

Many postdocs just continue their academic research after completing their PhD without much consideration for other career options. They often do not recognize their talents and the wide range of possibilities available to them. They remain stuck ‘in between’, waiting for the elusive academic job security while being afraid to explore the world outside academia, afraid to pass their chance at an academic future.

Claartje helped me through a big transitional time in my academic career. She helped me realize the big picture, that I needed to think about my career more broadly than simply as a topic of study. At first this made me question my career choices even more, but as time went on I was able to see things in a more comprehensive way.  After the Postdoc Career Intervention I had a much better understanding of my own interests, what I need to do to be happy with my work, and how to do it in a more effective manner.

Janelle, now UD / university lecturer

What if your postdoc period does not need to be one big stay in the waiting room? The Postdoc Career Intervention helps you clarify your vision, formulate your professional mission statement, and identify the talents that help you realize it. Whether or not you continue your career in academia, you benefit from self-direction and entrepreneurial skills. You will be better motivated and work more effectively, pro-actively, and purposefully.

I needed to order my thoughts about my research career, especially after I obtained my NWO Vidi grant. Claartje has a calm personality and communicates in an open and non-directive way. Her concrete tips were very helpful.

Femke, now UHD and Vidi laureate

The Postdoc Career Intervention helps you to develop your sense of direction as a research professional. This increases your motivation, confidence and enthusiasm. Do fulfilling work you are good at and direct your career rather than let chance determine your activities and choices. With the Postdoc Career Intervention you reconnect to your sources of inspiration and energy. You act instead of react to what crosses your path. Walking in the woods of Amelisweerd gives you literal and metaphorical fresh air. Skype conversations help you implement your insights in your daily practice.

The results of the Postdoc Career Intervention:

    • you reconnect to your personal top 3 of sources of inspiration. We investigate how they help you navigate your postdoc period.
    • you investigate and take seriously your talents and values, you envision your mission. You determine which steps to take to align them with your work.
    • you develop the basis for a convincing story of your research trajectory which you can use e.g. in grant applications.
    • You are clear about your authentic notion of success and fulfillment. You feel more relaxed, confident, motivated.
    • Your family, friends, and colleagues enjoy a happier you.
    • You work more purposefully and effectively, with a better work/life balance and greater enthusiasm.

With the Postdoc Career Intervention you get:

    • personal intake via Skype, 1 hour.
    • 5 counseling walks of 1.5 hours each in the beautiful woods of Amelisweerd.
    • extensive preparation of each session, including email contact when necessary.
    • inspiring exercises to help you concretize and implement what you learn in the coaching.
    • personal literature suggestions and networking contacts when applicable.
    • coffee or tea at the Veldkeuken in Amelisweerd, and a piece of their delicious and organic cake to celebrate the new steps you have taken at the end of the intervention.
    • open, non-directive, stimulating questions and feedback that engage your head and your heart, both in conversation and via email.
    • personal guidance from a professional and compassionate sparring partner at your own level of thinking. You do not need to explain the quirks of the academic working environment.

PostDoc Career Intervention

975,- euro incl. 21% btw