Working Soft in Science

You know your talents and work very hard at your research and your career success. You put in all your energy, but you wonder whether you work in the smartest way possible. You feel overwhelmed. At best you seem to make little progress in your research, Chaos and chance rule. Or worse, your joy in research suffers, doubts are nagging and you are heading for a burnout.

Do you recognize this?

  • you want to focus in a relaxed way on innovative work. You have a lot of ideas, but never get round to doing something with them
  • you are being lived by your “shoulds” and “have to’s
  • you structurally stuff work in “empty” evening hours and weekends

You know what I mean: a vague unrest, the nagging feeling that something is not right that you cannot seem to put your finger on. Or that quiet voice that you just refuse to listen to. Or the other way around: you know exactly what you should change and do, but you just don’t manage to put it to practice.

You are not the only one

Working hard is the norm in the academic world. And it is catching and addictive, too. You are always busy meeting deadlines. It is never enough. You are constantly pushing on because… competition and performance pressure. Only to crash, exhausted at the end of the semester or in the holidays. ‘Fortunately’ your crash stays mostly invisible to your colleagues and employer. After all, you can still email from your bed or couch. Or no-one notices your collapse because you just made it to the end of your temporary contract. You do not even think about voicing your stress, for fear that you are judged weak, whining, and just not up to it. You do not want to harm any future career chances after all…

It can be different

You can

  • achieve more in a relaxed way
  • save energy and time for research work that makes you profoundly happy, fulfilled and grateful
  • be in charge of your time and energy
  • be able to genuinely enjoy your time off without nagging piles of work or guilty feelings

What if your hasty, busy ways and unrelenting water treading changes into flowing in a easy stream in which you work creatively with your talents to realize your dreams. So you have abundant time and energy for everything you value. So you feel confident that you have a wellspring of out-of-the-box ideas at hand to tap as you build your meaningful, innovative work. Not by working harder, but by working softer.

Working Soft®, what is that?

Working Soft® is the opposite of working hard. You use your talents in a relaxed way to creatively realize your dreams. Working soft starts with making time. No more blindly running around, but mindfully doing what needs to be done. Because you have enough time. Because you can make time.

By working soft, you discover what is blocking you. Where are you acting like a lifeless zombie, without being aware of it? How do you start building and realize your dreams, step by step? Not later, when you have arrived in your career, but right now, at this dynamic stage in your life.

Take charge of your time, energy and mental space to deliver creative, innovative top results in a relaxed, sustainable way, without becoming drained and burned out in the process!

Working Soft for Scientists

This is an innovative, 3 months hybrid training course. It combines online learning with offline training workshops, and group learning with personal coaching. The training course has proven effective against self sabotage and avoidance strategies. Researchers report that they get a grip again on their time and energy. Are you ready to steer clear from burnout and energetically move your work life balance in new directions? Start here to work smarter and stress less.

Working Soft in Science Workshop

Do you want to achieve more not by working harder but by working softly? The Working Soft in Science workshop gives you a playful, interactive tasting of this way of working and you immediately see some pitfalls of your own hard working ways.

Working Soft in Science - Individual Online Course

In this 9 week program you learn the nuts and bolts of Working Soft.  The aim is that you are working with your talents in a relaxed way and creatively build up your dreams. Use your energy really smartly to achieve top results.