PhD Career Intervention

Beat the PhD blues and find your path to success.

Are you in the second half of your PhD project and do you regularly feel stuck? Feeling stressed about your progress in research, experiments, writing? The end of your contract looming, but the work not done? Do you find yourself thinking about your work 24/7? Perhaps while slacking and avoiding your project? You may longer see the meaning and value of the work you used to find so inspiring or feel insecure about your expertise.

Somewhere in their PhD period many Phd candidates experience a dip in motivation and self-confidence. This is very common, but even if you know it is coming, it can be hard to actually deal with. Also it is not helpful for your orientation on next career steps. You doubt whether you should continue, but are scared to quit because you might regret it. You feel lost and unsure whether you want to pursue your future career within academia, the one image of success you have held on to so far.

Claartje taught me how to get things moving that I felt were completely stuck. With simple exercises I discovered ways to focus my mind on a day beyond my problems. This allowed me to take my troubles seriously without letting them cripple me.

KatrienPhD, now postdoc

Imagine that you regain your motivation, feel a sense of relaxed confidence and purpose. Imagine you can excel with ease and enthusiasm to do fulfilling work you are good at. Imagine you do not need to figure out how to do all that on your own.

I felt lost and needed someone who could help me find my way again. Helpful tools the PhD Career Intervention gave me to not get lost that badly include that I can now listen to myself and acknowledge how I feel. Imagine standing at a certain level. If something bad happens, you can let it get to you and take you down, or you can acknowledge it and keep your level. Sad or negative thoughts about stuff that happens at work don’t need to get me down.

ElizabethPhD, now postdoc

Your PhD experience can be more than one big struggle to the summit of your education. Your personal, intellectual, and professional growth is not equivalent to getting the degree. Many struggling PhD candidates find little recognition and support in their direct environment. Their supervisors often do not have the time or capacity to provide the right guidance. The PhD Career Intervention helps you navigate the swamp of the end of your PhD project. Walking in the woods of Amelisweerd gives you literal and metaphorical fresh air.  You reconnect to your sources of inspiration and energy. Tingling questions give you new insight and perspective. Concrete exercises help you implement them in your daily practice.

The results of the PhD Career Intervention:

  • You reconnect to your personal top 3 sources of inspiration. We investigate how they help you navigate your PhD.
  • You clarify and take seriously your talents and values, you envision your mission. You determine which steps to take to align them with your work.
  • You develop the basis for a convincing story of your research trajectory which you can use e.g. in grant and job applications.
  • You are clear about your authentic notion of success and fulfillment. You feel more relaxed, confident, motivated.
  • Your family, friends, and colleagues enjoy a happier you.
  • You work more purposefully and effectively, with a better work/life balance and greater enthusiasm.

With the PhD Career Intervention you get:

      • personal intake live or via Skype, 30 minutes.
      • 5 counseling walks of 1 hour each in the beautiful woods of Amelisweerd.
      • extensive preparation of each session, including email contact when necessary.
      • inspiring exercises to help you concretize and implement what you learn in the coaching.
      • personal literature suggestions and networking contacts when applicable.
      • coffee or tea at the Veldkeuken in Amelisweerd, and a piece of their delicious and organic cake to celebrate the new steps you have taken at the end of the intervention.
      • open, non-directive, stimulating questions and feedback that engage your head and your heart, both in conversation and via email.
      • personal guidance from a professional and compassionate sparring partner at your own level of thinking. You do not need to explain the quirks of the academic working environment.

Practical information

Hours5,5 hours of face to face conversation time while walking in nature
Homework10 hours
Investment1147,- euro excl. 21% btw


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