Claartje van Sijl, philosophical counselor, trainer, speaker

Coaching for academics

You are working as an academic researcher. You are an expert on the topic you love. You are smart, a fast thinker, but also creative and interested in a wide range of different areas. You know you’ve got talent. You have always relied on your rational mind, but intuitively you feel that reason alone cannot quite get you to the next level where you want to be:

  • Your next career step
  • Higher quality papers, PhD thesis
  • Better collaboration with colleagues
  • Meaningful contributions to your field

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scientist with heart and soul

You want to use your full potential for innovative research. But how to do that?

Stop your spiral thinking

Break through the vicious circle. Get a clear view on how to act.

In a 30 minute (complimentary) conversation via Skype or phone we determine what you can do to stop racking your brains and tap into your full potential.

Soft skills for better science

It’s like music. How can science explain music? You can measure frequencies, analyze music scores, etc. But you do not solve the mystery of music. The secret of music lies in your heart. We all recognize it and admit that it exists in our lives, but our scientific minds have difficulty accepting that. With intuition it is the same. Intuition lives in your heart and you are familiar with it, but you cannot rationally explain it. But you can learn to listen to it, strengthen it, and consciously use it to create beautiful harmonies.

What is more sensible than joining your heart’s wisdom to your mind’s intelligence to create better science?

I learned it the hard way. Brainpower saw me through my PhD, but I was strained. I have come a long way since then, finding flow and harmony between my reasoning and the rest of my being. Now I know: you can excel faster in research if you intentionally involve your intuition in your reasoning. My clients experience that they make better decisions faster and generate original, out-of-the-box ideas more easily.

As a researcher,
do you recognize this?

 Do you regularly feel stuck, stressed, lost?

 Do you struggle with high workloads & performance pressure?

 Do you worry about long lasting career uncertainty?

You want:

confidence in your expertise in a highly critical environment

balance in your responsibilities

to create your own path to success

As a research supporter,
do you recognize this?

 Do you fear delayed or aborted research projects?

 Do your researchers struggle with demotivation, frustration, and and feelings of meaninglessness?

 Do career prospects of your early career researchers worry you?

You want:

more successfully completed PhD and Postdoc projects

in which you are free to give the best of your (scientific) expertise

while enjoying a reputation of excellence