Food for Thought lunchbox

As an academic, you think fast, are a self-starter, and accustomed to high workloads and high performance pressure. But sometimes your doubts catch up with you. Where are you going with all of this? What will you do when your funding runs out? How are you going to juggle your teaching load?

Imagine this year proceeding differently.

  • You know exactly how to navigate and keep you balance.
  • You clearly see your path and start walking confidently.
  • You are no longer confused by stories and excuses you used to tell yourself, e.g. about what your work should look like and how you should be as an academic researcher.

What you need is a fresh view. Real food for thought, from someone who understands you and can offer a critical mirror. Who sees through your fallacious reasoning. Who helps you find your dream and realize it. But you don’t feel like applying for a long coaching package.

A Food for Thought lunchbox quickly gives you a clear view of your situation. You can connect with your heartfelt wish and use it as a compass. You can unmask false beliefs that hinder you and learn the antidote against them. Know what you are doing and mindfully build your dream career.

Here is how the Food for Thought lunchbox works:

You fill out the form below and send it to me. I will contact you with a proposal for a 2 hour vip-lunchdate in a beautiful location in/around Utrecht. (The lunchdate can also be a coffee- or tea date in the morning or afternoon if you prefer.)

During this lunch we work together on your question and you will have my full attention as a sparring partner.

  • You will leave with plenty of personal food for thought.
  • You will also have a concrete idea about your next actions and further options.
  • Furthermore, afterwards in you mail you will receive a personal module (e.g. an ebook, assignment or checklist) to elaborate on the topics we discussed at your own leisure.
  • Finally, as a desert you get one coaching session via phone or skype within a month of our lunchdate. This helps you to take immediate action with your food for thought and implement it in your life.

The Food for Thought lunchbox requires some time and some financial investment: €297,- and minimally 4 hours. This includes lunch, 2 hours face to face coaching, a personal coaching module via email and 1 coachcall via phone or Skype (30-60 minutes). This investment gives you a clear view and peace of mind for a balanced start of the year.

The Food for Thought lunchbox is for researchers who need a moment of reflection and a new, outside the box perspective, but do not have time or need for a complete philosophical career coaching intervention. If you are a PhD supervisor the Food for Thought lunchbox helps you to better understand and mentor your PhD candidates. The lunchbox is not for you if you like to worry around in circles or if you don’t want to look into a critical mirror.

I have limited spots available for Food for Thought lunch boxes before Christmas, so take action today.