Quick PhD Intervention

Should you quit your PhD project?

You began your PhD research eagerly and full of dreams, but along the way you completely lost your enthusiasm. Be it graduate school, academia, your research topic, your supervisor, or something else: your project did not turn out to be as great as you expected. Yet, the thought of quitting your PhD project scares you. You feel lonely, lost, stuck.

The decision whether or not to quit is complex and not taken lightly. What about the sunken costs of the time and energy you have invested so far if you quit? How will you deal with the feeling of failure, and with the reactions of colleagues, friends, family? How does quitting affect your chances at the job market? And not quitting? What do you need to see your PhD through? What is going to be your story, one you can be proud of? How to create a succesfull solution to your dilemma?

In conversation with Claartje I discovered what I find important myself in studying and in choosing my field of study. She motivated me to take action rather than to wait and see.

The Quick PhD Intervention helps you to make sure your take a solid, carefully thought-out decision. It challenges you with tingling questions about your dilemma that invite you to think deeper. It offers you a clear mirror to look into your feelings in a safe, compassionate way.

Without directing, Claartje guided me and stimulated me to face the real question behind my doubts. Her open, inviting attitude encouraged me to think and associate freely. With her I felt safe to accept my feelings.

The results of the Quick PhD Intervention:

  • you save yourself and those around you from prolonged worrying, indecision, more sunken costs and unmet expectations, regrets
  • you disentangle and see clearly your reasons and feelings behind your PhD doubts.
  • you identify what you need to finish your PhD and know how to act accordingly
  • you clarify what success is to you and take seriously what you need to avoid feeling like a failure.
  • you know you are taking your decision on the right grounds. This will help you present your story with more conviction and self-assurance to colleagues, friends, and family as well as on the job market.

With the Quick PhD Intervention you get:

  • 3 counseling sessions via Skype, 1 hour each.
  • extensive preparation of each session, including email contact when necessary.
  • inspiring exercises to help you concretize and implement what you learn.
  • personal literature suggestions and networking contacts when applicable.
  • open, non-directive, stimulating questions and feedback that engage your head and your heart.
  • personal guidance from a professional and compassionate sparring partner at your own level of thinking. You do not need to explain the quirks of the academic working environment.

Practical information

Hours3 hours of conversation time over Skype
Homework6 hours
Investment547,- euro excl. 21% btw


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