Workshop Getting The Better Of Stress

You plan your work efficiently and manage your time well. Yet, you regularly feel overwhelmed by your work. When you started your research project, you knew about  the high pressure to perform in an academic work environment.  You were prepared to work flexibly, independently and intensely on your projects. But you have come to realize that you need more than efficient time and project management to keep your enthusiasm and energy up to par.

The Workshop Getting the Better of Stress for Early Career Researchers 

    • creates awareness: what is stress and its opposite; how to prevent stress; and when do you risk burn-out
    • provides directly applicable tips and techniques for coping with stress. By fostering a healthy work and energy flow you can keep an open mind and build a sustainable career

Good information presented nicely. I really liked the interactive aspect: we practiced the techniques so I could immediately experience their usefulness.

Practical information

  • Hours
  • Investment
  • Participants
  • Languages
  • 3
  • € 700,= ex. btw
  • 5 – 25 PhDs, Postdocs, UDs
  • English or Dutch


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