You want to be a confident researcher.
You want to employ your expertise meaningfully.

As an Early Career Researcher (PhD candidate / promovendus, postdoc, assistant professor / universitair docent / UD) you routinely deal with complex research issues. You think smart and fast. You are creative and thoughtful. You know you have got talent. But you struggle with questions about your career and life. You are usually able to figure out difficult stuff on your own. But somehow this time you feel lost and unable to determine the course of your career. You are going round in circles.

  • You feel stuck: how to define your position and set your course in life and work?
  • Stress, fear, uncertainty limit the development of your talents: how to feel free to grow?
  • What is the point: how to clearly see and keep in mind the meaning and value of your work?
  • You wonder what is next: where should you continue in your career or life, what do you have to offer?

 You want the confidence to trust in your expertise. You want to work from a sense of purpose. You are ready to invest in yourself, so you can excel with ease and enthusiasm. So you can do what you are good at, within or without academia.

In a 30 minute Skype or phone call we determine your exact question and the next step you can take to answer it. To ask one good question is often more helpful than a fast given answer.

Are you not ready yet and do you first want to read more? Below you find an overview of my personal counseling services, as well as group trainings and workshops. Perhaps you have a question, or you would like to assess whether a training meets your needs? Do not hesitate to contact me. You can also read this page about me.

Individual, personal coaching and counseling

Quick PhD Intervention

Should you quit your PhD project?
You began your PhD research eagerly and full of dreams, but along the way you completely lost your enthusiasm. Be it graduate school, academia, your research topic, your supervisor, or something else: your project did not turn out to be as great as you expected. Yet, the thought of quitting your PhD project scares you. You feel lonely, lost, stuck.

Postdoc Career Intervention

Navigate uncertainties of postdoc life and find your path to success
Are you enjoying your postdoc project but feeling puzzled with your position as independent researcher? How to take up leadership of your own research line? How to balance your increasing teaching load? You love research, but worry about the uncertainty of your academic future. Does this impact your performance? How to develop a flexible professional profile? How to negotiate postdoc life with demands and wishes from your private life?

PhD Career Intervention

Beat the PhD blues and find your path to success.
Are you in the second half of your PhD project and do you regularly feel stuck? Feeling stressed about your progress in research, experiments, writing? The end of your contract looming, but the work not done? Do you find yourself thinking about your work 24/7, perhaps while slacking and avoiding your project? You may longer see the meaning and value of the work you used to find so inspiring or feel insecure about your expertise.

Workshops, master classes and trainings for groups

Workshop Socratic Questioning

Socrates’ way of questioning convictions, hypotheses, and situations is thorough and opens new perspectives. Today Socratic questioning is a useful technique to step out of the box and think deeper. You can apply Socratic questioning to theoretical issues from your research as well as to more personal questions concerning your career and life.
The workshop Socratic Questioning offers a basic training in the Socratic way of asking questions

Socratic Intervision Dialogue Training

As a researcher you are curious about the boundaries of knowledge. Constant pushing against these boundaries can be a frustrating exercise, especially if you cannot share and discuss your obstacles and frustrations with peers in a structured and constructive way.
Through Socratic questioning techniques and with a specific structure for intervision dialogue a group of peers attains deeper exchange, thus stimulating professional development of academic researchers and peer problem solving in an early, preventive stage. The training aims at enabling the group to continue their Socratic Intervision Dialogues independently.

How to survive your PhD

This master class provides starting PhD students with an approach, procedures and tools for making an effective start with their PhD project in order to prevent problems and delays later on. A key element of the course is the further operationalization, discussion and presentation of the PhD proposal with other PhD students and supervisors.

Personal leadership in working relationships

Effective leadership in working relations is an important element for success in every research career. PhD students and Postdocs often find their working relations complex. They are approached from diverse perspectives that can change over time.
This training is designed to help early career researchers interact with confidence and good judgement with their supervisors and other working relations within and without the academic environment.

Tailored workshops and trainings

You can contact me if you have a specific request or would like to discuss possibilities for customized workshops and trainings. Examples of custom work include:

  • Personal Brand, Professional Mission
  • Peer Feedback on Knowledge Valorization in NWO Veni Grant Applications
  • Time management for early career researchers

Employability for PhDs

This masterclass offers final stage PhD students directions and a toolbox to finish their Phd and take on their post-PhD career with focus. It covers post-PhD career perspectives, investigates the career capital and career identity of soon-to-be PhD’s, and introduces the basics of the Dutch job market and job application processes.

Getting the Better of Stress

You plan your work efficiently and manage your time well. Yet, you regularly feel overwhelmed by your work. You realize that you need more than efficient time and project management to keep your enthusiasm and energy up to par.